Duplicate Office Furniture Key Production

Uchida Yoko provides duplication services for keys to products we sell, including desks, rolling
cabinets, lockers, and other storage furniture (file cabinets, standing cabinets, etc.).

Ordering duplicates


Uchida Techno

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    Receive faxed form or email
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    Return Completed Order/Estimate Form

    We will return Completed Order/Estimate Forms by fax or email.
    Customers must review the details, sign, and approve (affix seal to) the form, and then fax or email the form back.

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    Duplicate and deliver key

    *The Order/Estimate Form will be used to verify the identity of the individual before duplicate keys are produced.
    * Orders are generally delivered 3 to 5 days after receiving order confirmation.
    * More time may be required for delivery depending on the type of key.
    * Delivery is only within Japan.


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    Receive the duplicate key Payments are handled by COD

    With the exception of duplicate SK,AK,NK keys start at 1.364yen per key (incl. tax) Duplicate SK,AK,NK keys start at 1.870yen per key (incl. tax) (A combined shipping and COD fee of 1,100yen(incl. tax)will be applied separately.)

Print and send by fax or email the completed PDF form Duplicate Key Estimate /
Order Request Form
Click below to see a completed sample form. Sample Form
Typical locks
Uchida logo/JOIFA label
Key numbers may be separated in two different places. Check both before ordering.